Rabu, 01 Desember 2010

cheat god hand

Fighting Ring Battle 51
Finish the Fighting Ring Battle 41-50 to unlock Fighting Ring Battle 51.

Jukebox CDs
Complete the listed task to unlock the listed CD for the jukebox:

Jukebox A: Win the game.
Jukebox B: Go to the casino for jackpot pulls and get a ticket for the Jukebox CD.
Jukebox C: Win the game on the Hard difficulty setting.
Jukebox D: Win the game with the "Kick Me" sign on without using any God Hand Reels or God Hand Power.

Fighting Ring challenges
Complete Stage 1 to unlock the Fighting Ring challenges.

Hard mode
Win the game on the Normal difficulty setting to unlock the Hard difficulty setting.

Complete Arena Challenge 51 to unlock a television in the shop, which is used to view trailers.

Chihuahua Race
Complete Stage 2, then chat to the male NPC in the shop.

Fighting Ring Battle 41-50
Win the game on any difficulty setting to unlock Fighting Ring Battle 41-50.

Bonus costumes/outfits
Win the game to unlock the Carnival, Devil Hand, Karate, and Olivia's Bunny Girl costumes. Start a new game and chat to the new NPC in the shop to change costumes.

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